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Local time and weather around the world

Shanghai +65°F Wednes 08:00 AM Buenos Aires +43°F Tuesda 09:00 PM Mumbai +58°F Wednes 05:30 AM Mexico City +50°F Tuesda 07:00 PM Karachi +68°F Wednes 05:00 AM Istanbul +56°F Wednes 03:00 AM Delhi +65°F Wednes 05:30 AM Manila +60°F Wednes 08:00 AM Moscow +55°F Wednes 04:00 AM Dhaka +61°F Wednes 06:00 AM Seoul +57°F Wednes 09:00 AM Sao Paulo +57°F Tuesda 09:00 PM Lagos +57°F Wednes 01:00 AM Jakarta +60°F Wednes 07:00 AM Tokyo +54°F Wednes 09:00 AM Zhumadian +57°F Wednes 08:00 AM New York City +55°F Tuesda 08:00 PM Taipei +62°F Wednes 08:00 AM Kinshasa +60°F Wednes 01:00 AM Lima +52°F Tuesda 07:00 PM Cairo +62°F Wednes 02:00 AM London +61°F Wednes 01:00 AM Beijing +58°F Wednes 08:00 AM Tehran +57°F Wednes 04:30 AM Nanchong +59°F Wednes 08:00 AM Bogota +52°F Tuesda 07:00 PM Hong Kong +61°F Wednes 08:00 AM Lahore +65°F Wednes 05:00 AM Rio de Janeiro +60°F Tuesda 09:00 PM Baghdad +70°F Wednes 03:00 AM Taian +61°F Wednes 08:00 AM Bangkok +67°F Wednes 07:00 AM Bangalore +62°F Wednes 05:30 AM Yueyang +59°F Wednes 08:00 AM Santiago +43°F Tuesda 08:00 PM Kaifeng +56°F Wednes 08:00 AM Kolkata +59°F Wednes 05:30 AM Toronto +53°F Tuesda 08:00 PM Rangoon +57°F Wednes 06:30 AM Sydney +45°F Wednes 10:00 AM Chennai +68°F Wednes 05:30 AM Riyadh +72°F Wednes 03:00 AM Wuhan +56°F Wednes 08:00 AM Saint Petersburg +49°F Wednes 04:00 AM Chongqing +59°F Wednes 08:00 AM Chengdu +53°F Wednes 08:00 AM Chittagong +58°F Wednes 06:00 AM Alexandria +59°F Wednes 02:00 AM Los Angeles +58°F Tuesda 05:00 PM Tianjin +56°F Wednes 08:00 AM Melbourne +41°F Wednes 10:00 AM Ahmadabad +63°F Wednes 05:30 AM Busan +59°F Wednes 09:00 AM Abidjan +58°F Wednes 12:00 AM Kano +66°F Wednes 01:00 AM Hyderabad +65°F Wednes 05:30 AM Puyang +59°F Wednes 08:00 AM Yokohama-shi +55°F Wednes 09:00 AM Ibadan +58°F Wednes 01:00 AM Singapore +63°F Wednes 08:00 AM Ankara +52°F Wednes 03:00 AM Shenyang +51°F Wednes 08:00 AM Thanh pho Ho Chi Minh +63°F Wednes 07:00 AM Shiyan +59°F Wednes 08:00 AM Cape Town +46°F Wednes 02:00 AM Berlin +55°F Wednes 02:00 AM Montreal +49°F Tuesda 08:00 PM Madrid +68°F Wednes 02:00 AM Harbin +51°F Wednes 08:00 AM Xian +58°F Wednes 08:00 AM Pyongyang +54°F Wednes 09:00 AM Lanzhou +50°F Wednes 08:00 AM Guangzhou +65°F Wednes 08:00 AM Casablanca +53°F Wednes 01:00 AM Durban +51°F Wednes 02:00 AM Nanjing +60°F Wednes 08:00 AM Kabul +56°F Wednes 04:30 AM Caracas +58°F Tuesda 07:30 PM Shenzhen +64°F Wednes 08:00 AM Pune +57°F Wednes 05:30 AM Surat +60°F Wednes 05:30 AM Jeddah +64°F Wednes 03:00 AM Kanpur +59°F Wednes 05:30 AM Luanda +57°F Wednes 01:00 AM Addis Ababa +51°F Wednes 03:00 AM Nairobi +51°F Wednes 03:00 AM Taiyuan +55°F Wednes 08:00 AM Salvador +56°F Tuesda 09:00 PM Jaipur +58°F Wednes 05:30 AM Dar es Salaam +59°F Wednes 03:00 AM Chicago +54°F Tuesda 07:00 PM Incheon +58°F Wednes 09:00 AM Yunfu +65°F Wednes 08:00 AM Navi Mumbai +57°F Wednes 05:30 AM Al Basrah +72°F Wednes 03:00 AM Osaka-shi +55°F Wednes 09:00 AM Mogadishu +59°F Wednes 03:00 AM Daegu +55°F Wednes 09:00 AM Roma +59°F Wednes 02:00 AM Changchun +49°F Wednes 08:00 AM Kiev +56°F Wednes 03:00 AM Faisalabad +67°F Wednes 05:00 AM